Monday, 24 November 2008

"More BBC lies about the Tories"

John Redwood seems surprised that:
"This morning the Today programme kept repeating that the Conservatives have done a U turn on public spending.
Instead what they did was do exactly what they promised - agree to Labour spending up to 2009, and then review it. They have now reviewed it and decided spending has to be lower than Labour plans thereafter - and rightly so.
We were also told the Conservatives do not know what to do about the banking crisis - yet I heard them say, again rightly, the government needs to change the terms of its massive bail out package, because it is not working."

Sorry John but that lie and distort the news to favour Labour is what the BBC consistently do and will continue to do until forcibly stopped. You, more than most, must realise the power the BBC have to destroy a politician by endless lies, repetition of unflattering video and cheap jibes - fight back John, fight back.

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