Thursday, 20 November 2008

Speaker Martin shows his teeth again, "not"

A Telegraph blog reports that:
"In the Commons debate over the Prime Minister's trip to the G20 summit in Washington, none other than Peter Hain (you remember, the one who's still under a police investigation) just rose to lob a soft question to Mr Brown.

Leaving aside the speculation about why Mr Hain wants to be helpful (hey, if Mandy can come back from the dead twice, who'd rule the Return of Hain?), the intervention was striking for another reason.

In his question, Mr Hain asked the PM to dismiss the economic plans of "Boy George and the Conservatives".

Now, I haven't got my Erskine May to hand, but I'm fairly sure that George Osborne is entitled to be referred to in the chamber as "the hon member for Tatton" or "the shadow chancellor". And not as "Boy George", any more than Mr Hain should be referred to as "that dodgy orange bloke".

Whatever debates rage outside the Commons, the chamber is supposed to maintain some standards. But did Michael Martin rise to reprimand Mr Hain or correct him? Not a bit of it. So apparently it's now in order for Labour MPs to insult Mr Osborne in the Commons. Poor show, Mr Speaker."

Speaker Martin is possibly the worst Speaker for many years, he only got the high paid job when Labour used their 1997 majority to override convention and elect a second Labour Speaker rather than a Conservative. He has protected Labour ministers time after time and is only exceeded in his chip on the shoulder attitude by the vile Prescott. The damage that Labour have done to this country since 1997 is often blamed mainly on Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, the efforts of such "men" as Mandelson, Prescott and Speaker Martin should not be discounted and come the reckoning I trust that they will be judged and punished appropriately.

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