Monday, 24 November 2008

Gordon Brown - "non-sequiteurs, exaggerations, half-truths and Brownies"

A must read article by Fraser Nelson in The Spectator's Coffee Shop, entitled "Brown is blasting out his false message", it starts
"Whatever you may think about Gordon Brown, he does deserve to be recognised as a master of his art. I can’t think of a more accomplished confidence trickster ever to enter Westminster. And he’s ready to unveil a whole Potemkin Village tomorrow, the climax of his life’s work. It will be built out of non-sequiteurs, exaggerations, half-truths and Brownies. His interview on the BBC1 Politics Show gave a preview as to how he will conduct himself. He is in full election mode, talking as if he’s in the heat of an election campaign—which, in his head, he is."
and proceeds to list the "non-sequiteurs, exaggerations, half-truths and Brownies" that Gordon Brown is using and will continue to use in order to fool th electorate and win another election.

Supported by a almost completely supportive BBC Gordon Brown might just do it and it looks as though he is looking at a snap winter election, February 2009 looks favourite to me at the moment.

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