Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Could this be the useful wrinkle for the Conservatives on the Lisbon Treaty referendum

There has been some discussion as to how David Cameron's Conservatives will be able to call a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty if the Irish vote for the Treaty in their October re-vote. So it was with some interest that I read this BBC article. The article is mostly full of the usual EU nonsense, "18 virtual MPs" etc. but then I read this
"The Lisbon Treaty's progress is further complicated by the fact that legal "guarantees" for Ireland, covering sovereignty, neutrality and some social issues such as abortion, are being bolted onto the treaty. This extra text then also has to be ratified by all member states. "
Does that mean that every EU "member state" has to re-ratify the Treaty and if so could that be the reason to give the UK electorate the referendum that Labour promised but failed to deliver?

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