Saturday, 23 May 2009

It's always the fault of Israel or the Jews!

A Guardian "Comment is Free" article by Gideon Spiro explains why
"Obama needs to spell it out to the Israeli government: your weapons of mass destruction are just as dangerous as Iran's"
Do read the whole piece and the comments that follow it, there are some seriously out of touch with reality people out there...

Another "Comment is Free piece explaining why: a book in Greece should be banned.
"Jews – The Whole Truth is an extremely lengthy book (1,400 pages) written by Greek author Kostas Plevris. Plevris's plain declaration that he is "a Nazi and a fascist, racist, anti-democratic and an antisemite" sets the tone of the book, but he goes further. While justifying the actions of Hitler and the Nazis, Plevris claims that "ridding Europe of the Jews is necessary because Judaism poses a threat to the freedom of nation". To this he adds, "the history of humankind will hold Adolf Hitler responsible for the following: he did not rid Europe of the Jews while he could"."
Do read the whole piece to see what levels of anti-Semitism exist in Greece.

It is, as I have said before, no time to be a Jew in Europe.

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