Sunday, 28 September 2008

BBC bias shines through again

The BBC "report" that:
"A restaurant owner in the Palestinian town of Bethlehem has come up with a novel use for the Israeli-built concrete wall that passes his premises.

Tourists and locals alike can now choose their meals from a menu painted on to the West Bank barrier.

Bahamas seafood restaurant has recently reopened, after closing due to lack of business in recent years."
Interesting and worthy of coverage but then the BBC get their "facts" somewhat messed up. The owner, Mr Butto,
"says the restaurant has been closed since the Palestinian uprising - or intifada - broke out in 2000, and business was "devastated" by the building of the barrier."
However in the next line the BBC states that:
"Israel began building the West Bank barrier in 2002"
How odd, how can a business closed in 2000 be devastated by construction in 2002? Of course to the BBC mind the Israelis can be blamed for everything, but surely even they could have spotted that logical flaw.

Thanks to deegee, a commentator on, Biased-BBC for the spot.

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