Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Prue Leith stumbles upon the bigger truth

In the current issue of The Spectator Prue Leith talks to John Abbott about his alternative view of education. It is an interesting article and you can read it online as well. The article is ostensibly written as a way of giving advice to Ed "So What" Balls so the following line caught my eye:
"So to give teenagers the best chance of becoming a happy, productive adults, all their circuits need regular workouts. They need to challenge, to be challenged, to experiment, to take risks and learn from experience. If they’re prevented from this, they become stuck in a permanent childhood of dependence, caution and clone-like acceptance."
I am sorry to tell you this Ms Leith, but "dependence", "caution" and "clone-like acceptance" are just the qualities that this Labour government want in its population. Far from this happening by mistake, this is government policy working; an underclass of people dependent on the State for income, information and entertainment.

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