Sunday, 21 September 2008

They want control

The Publican reports that:
"Fears are growing that pubs across the country could be asked to take down their road signs to prevent drink-driving following action by a local authority.

The Highways Agency backed a move by Wiltshire County Council to block signs pointing drivers towards pubs – leading to concerns from trade chiefs that it could set a precedent.


Jacqui Ashman, local Highways Agency planning manager, said that the Black Dog’s sign was “potentially providing the temptation to drink and drive”.

She said: “No alcohol is allowed to be served or consumed in service stations on motorways as a matter of principle and we would wish to continue this principle by not encouraging drivers to break their journey in a public house.”"

They want control over every aspect of our lives and they will keep at it until they get it. Is it too late to fight back?

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