Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Or they could be taught to read and write

"Lessons in healthy lifestyles and sex education could replace traditional
academic subjects in a shake-up of primary school teaching planned by Ed Balls.

Pupils could even be assessed on their ‘personal development’ as well as the three Rs.

The Schools Secretary has ordered an inquiry into primary school lessons to consider whether pupils are currently studying too many subjects.

Now the team behind the review has said heads and teachers agree there should be reductions both in the ‘number of subject areas’ and the subject content pupils cover.

Instead they want pupils to study ‘concepts and skills’ that cut across traditional curriculum areas and a stronger focus on personal development, including healthy eating, ‘self-esteem’, sex and relationships, drugs and philosophy."
That's from The Mai but the story is elsewhere as well.

This Labour government has devalued education in this country because they want a non-enquiring population. What could be better than a whole generation coming out of school with 3 A* grades at A'Level and an exaggerated sense of their own abilities and importance, stuffed full with the usual left wing credo?

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