Monday, 29 September 2008

More Chinese fakery

Following on from the fakery at the Beijing Olympics, the Chinese government have now been caught out faking news reporting. Oddly it is the Murdoch owned, and therefore normally incredibly pro the Chinese regime, Times that reports :
"With a burst of flame and smoke, a Chinese rocket blasted off into orbit yesterday. But it was the state news agency that moved faster than the speed of light, publishing the transcript of an “in-space” conversation between the astronauts before they had even left Earth.

The Xinhua news agency posted an article on its website breathlessly describing the Shenzhou VII spacecraft in orbit and quoting exchanges between the crew, possibly during the most important part of the mission: China’s first spacewalk. The only problem was that the crew were still on terra firma.

The story had disappeared by the end of the day and its appearance was described as a technical error. The gaffe highlighted China’s readiness to resort to sleight of hand — if not outright fakery — to present a perfect public image, such as the little girl who lip-synched at the Olympics opening ceremony because the child who did the actual singing was not deemed pretty enough."
I would rather the world's media ignored the fakery and instead concentrated on the systematic imprisonment and murder of citizens opposed to the regime in China and on the use of slave labour both in China and abroad to support China's "economic miracle".

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Crushed said...

I have to agree with you on this.

And of course, the worst part is, its becoming harder and harder to manufacture something in a country where you actually have to pay people.

I came across an example of a mini-pallet truck produced in China- cost tom the producers, £15 each.