Saturday, 27 September 2008

Interesting news about religious freedom in the Middle East

I see that 190,000 Jews are predicted to be about to celebrate the Jewish New Year in synagogues across Saudi Arabia. What a powerful statement about religious freedom that is...

Of course nothing of the kind will happen; I have blogged many times, most recently here about the lack of religious freedom for other than Muslims in Saudi Arabia.

By way of contrast, The Telegraph reports that "190,000 Muslims pray at Jerusalem's flashpoint mosque" and a has a picture of the event.

Oddly it is Israel that is often described as an "apartheid state", albeit by the kind of people to whom thinking for themselves appears to be an alien concept.


Crushed said...

Sorry, but Israel IS an apartheid state.

80% of its population are- let's be blunt- European colinists who invaded the territory on the dubious basis that a people who practised the same religion as them once lived there.

Herreinvolk, it's the same mentality.

And they use their own history of persecuton to jstify a colonial state and think they're generous if they give the natives a West Bank bantustan.

Not a sheep said...

Crushed: I have published your comment as it is typical of the viewpoint I often hear expressed by people who get their knowledge of the history of "Israel" from the poisoned well of left wing thought.

I suggest you try reading a little more widely so that you see quite how wrong you are on this issue.

If you are sincerely interested in the truth rather than having your prejudices confirmed then I can recommend some sites that should change the mind of all but the most bigoted.