Thursday, 25 September 2008

Killing Israelis

The Jerusalem bulldozer attack back in July has started a trend. Here are two from the last few days; first Reuters report that:
"The family of a Palestinian shot dead after his car ploughed into pedestrians in Jerusalem challenged on Tuesday Israeli police allegations he had carried out a deliberate attack.

More than a dozen soldiers, on a late-night excursion to Jerusalem ahead of the Jewish New Year next week, were injured in Monday's incident. No Palestinian group has made a credible claim of responsibility.

Police called it a "terrorist" attack, the third of its kind using vehicles against Israelis in the city since July and involving Palestinians from East Jerusalem and its environs who live on Israeli-annexed land and have wide freedom of movement."
and second The Jerusalem Post report:
"Four Palestinians were arrested Wednesday afternoon after they allegedly tried running through a roadblock near the settlement of Ma'ale Levona north of Ramallah. No one was wounded in the incident."

Terrorism has many faces and Israel is facing a multitude of them. I cannot see a way out of this mess for Israel; if they clampdown they will face even more censure from the world "community", if they give way to Palestinian demands then Israel will not exist in another 20 years.

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