Saturday, 27 September 2008

Statistics and unanswered questions

Yesterday's Telegraph included a pie chart showing data from a British Council survey. The subject was "Young people in the UK said they felt most like...". The results were as follows:
British citizen - 40%
Citizen of England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland - 24%
Citizen of the world/western world - 13%
European - 7%
Citizen of their region - 4%

Interesting, firstly because there is an answer that received 12% that has no description against it, sloppy statistics or sloppy sub-editing? What would also be interesting is to have a little breakdown of the results, here are some questions that I would like to have the answers to:

What percentage of each of English, Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish described themselves as British or one of English, Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish?
How did the members of the various new immigrant communities describe themselves?
How did the above differ from longer established immigrant communities?
How was the poll carried out, were the different options given or was a straight - how would you describe yourself question asked? I ask this because the 13% Citizen of the world/western world seems rather high for an unprompted answer.

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