Thursday, 25 September 2008

"Gordon Brown is not a good man"

Thus writes Brian Micklethwait at Samizdata:
"I realise that I keep going on about it, and I realise that I dissent from the view often expressed here that the next British government (Cameron's) will probably be no better than this government now, but if I were allowed just one more thing to say about Gordon Brown and his government, it would be that I wish people would stop saying or writing this:

Mr Brown is a good, decent man but ...

Mr Brown is not a good, decent man. He is an utter shit, and his utter shitness is inseparable from the difficulties he now faces in continuing to be Prime Minister despite his obvious unsuitability, and to the miseries he is still inflicting upon the rest of us.

I will not expand at length about Brown's shititude. Suffice it to say that Gordon Brown is the living embodiment of the phrase "he won't be told". When he is told, he shouts like a spoilt but thwarted seven year old, until whoever it is just gives up or goes home and pretends to be ill. And all his henchmen are like this too."
Do read the rest, all good stuff and quite accurate too.

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