Thursday, 25 September 2008

Freedom of Speech EU style

One of my "Take a look at these, I do" blogs has been forced to stop publishing. The blog is the ever excellent England Expects and it seems to have come under attack from the EU powers that be partly for being "ironique et eurosceptique". You can read the story details here and once you have read that, do read The Telegraph's report on the EU's plans to regulate the ""dangerous" and unregulated blogosphere". The EU does not like dissent, it does not like opposition, it is the one true path and those of us who disagree should either shut up or face the consequences. With Gordon Brown's disintegrating government of quislings welcoming EU plans to allow British citizens to be tried in their absence in other member states and for British subjects to be extradited automatically at the request of other EU states under the proposals, the future of free speech in the UK has never looked so precarious.

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