Thursday, 24 September 2009

100% right but for 100% the wrong reason

I understand that the Egyptian culture minister, Farouk Hosny, has been defeated in his bid to become UNESCO's cultural head, beaten to the role by the Bulgarian Irina Bokova. I heard that Farouk Hosny then made what I thought was an obvious but nonetheless 100% correct statement when he accused the United Nations of becoming "politicised".

However Farouk Hosny then blotted his copybook with his assertion that he lost because of "Zionist pressures". Those pesky Zionists get everywhere, don't they?

You may remember Farouk Hosny, he's the delightful character who last year said he would burn "Israeli books in Egyptian libraries". Culture Minister? I suppose in Egypt remarks like that run in his favour as much as to his detriment.

The United Nations is becoming dominated by an Islamic/African bloc which singles out the only democratic, multi-racial country in the Middle East with freedom of religious worship for all, Israel, for censure whilst ignoring the inequities and crimes against humanity perpetrated by many of the bloc's members.

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