Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The return of "spotted dick"

The BBC report the welcome news that spotted dick is back on the menu in Flintshire council. Spotted Richard or Sultana Sponge will not be used instead regardless of the "immature comments" made by some customers.

Apparently the council's chief executive, Colin Everett said:
"Although the majority have seen the humorous side of the story, the impression given in the media that the council might have been 'politically correct' has led to some derision and, sadly, to a number of abusive letters being sent in from across the country."

He said Flintshire was a "sensible" council and catering staff had used their initiative in ordering the name change following the "childish comments of one regular customer".

He added: "In full agreement with the catering management Flintshire County Council will observe proper tradition and refer to all dishes by their proper name.

"Spotted Dick will be back on the menu under its proper and proud name. In future, any customers who act in this childish way will be asked to behave properly or will be refused service.

"Let common tradition and common sense prevail."
A storm in a steamer...

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