Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Bolstering Brown

Take a listen to the 07:44 piece on the Today programme with Neil Kinnock. It was billed as
"One opinion poll has put Labour in third place behind the Liberal Democrats. Prime Minister Gordon Brown is under pressure to make the speech of his life to rally support within the party. Former Labour leader Neil Kinnock, who had his own painful tussles with the electorate, discusses how to change the opinion of those who do not warm to a leader."
and was a very soft interview allowing Neil Kinnock free reign to make the most absurd assertions about Gordon Brown's abilities without any real challenge. Gordon Brown was we were told the right man to deal with the Country's economic problems, the fact that Gordon Brown was the man who caused most of them with his stoking of debt in order to engineer an endless boom was ignored. Listening to James Naughtie and Neil Kinnock chat away it was clear that the BBC is in 'bolster Brown' mode and will remain so right up until the Labour party elect a new leader.

I wonder if, on the morning of David Cameron's speech to the Conservative Party conference, the Today programme will have an interview with a Tory grandee who will be given five minutes to explain why David Cameron is best suited to being Prime Minister. I doubt it but even if there was such an interview I wonder whether the Today presenter will be as amenable to the assertions being made as James "If we win the election" Naughtie was today.


manwiddicombe said...

If Brown goes there is a very real chance that the Labour Party could rally behind a new leader. If that happened before an election .. .. ..

Much better for the BBC to 'big up' Brown for now to make sure his downfall is complete, total and final.

Not a sheep said...

Actually I do agree with you, Gordon Brown as Prime Minister is the biggest electoral asset the Conservative party has. Still doesn't make the BBC's bias acceptable!