Friday, 25 September 2009

Spot the connection

Yesterday Shriti Vadera leaves Gordon Brown's government for a post at the G20.
Yesterday I wonder if she is "joining the G20 as a preparatory move to getting Gordon Brown a job at the G20, maybe a top job."
Today I read on the BBC that: "The G20 will play a larger role in guiding the world's financial system, the US says, giving emerging economies a bigger say. "

Wheels within wheels, it doesn't matter how badly Gordon Brown screws up the UK economy, he'll still get a good job with a supranational organisation. In fact if/when David Cameron becomes PM it is quite possible that he will have to deal with Tony Blair as the President of the EU and Gordon Brown as President of the G20 - not a pleasant thought and not a state of affairs that will in any way allow David Cameron to run the UK as he and the UK electorate wishes.

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