Friday, 25 September 2009

Are things about to get even worse?

I have dire news:
"WITH unemployment expected to reach three million by the end of next year, economists were last night warning of Billy Bragg.

The dire financial climate means there is now a greater chance of the communist singer-songwriter than at any time since 1987.

Dr Tom Logan, of Reading University, said: "Two years ago I said if we did not exert greater control over monetary policy we would simply be creating the perfect conditions for Billy Bragg.

"By next April we could find ourselves in the middle of a nationwide tour involving the Communards, the Style Council and - just saying it makes me want to die - the Blow Monkeys.

"And every show will begin with George Monbiot reading a poem about how the trees are not unemployed. Holy Jesus Christ almighty, it must be stopped."

Professor Bill McKay, of University College London, said: "The core economic purpose of any Labour government is to prevent Billy Bragg.

"If, as it appears, we are returning to a cycle of boom, Bragg and Jimmy Sommerville's excruciating falsetto, one is forced to ask the question, 'what is Gordon Brown for?'."

Professor McKay added: "If I so much as hear the introduction to Between the Wars, I swear to God I will throw myself under a horse."

The Daily Mash is the source.


Anonymous said...

I keep getting a soundtrack a few moments after reaching your site. Drives me right off again. This was happening yesterday as well.

Not a sheep said...

That's because you don't use an add-in to stop videos auto-playing. There are many around, try Tubesto, Stop Autoplay or similar. For IE try googling... Sorry but I like putting pieces of video on the site and I only browse the web with such add-ins installed. Another alternative would be to turn your sound off temporarily. I suppose a third alternative would be to not come to my site but that would be a shame...