Friday, 25 September 2009


I am so glad that I don't have children and so don't really have to pay to much attention to what this article is complaining about.
"Alarmingly, these seemingly innocuous bracelets have been linked to gradations of sexual behaviour. Each colour denotes a physical act, from a hug or a kiss to showing body parts, to other acts that would make many adults blush.

If someone breaks the band off the wearer's wrist, the wearer supposedly has to offer the physical act that corresponds to the colour of the band.

A gold band entitles anyone able to snap it off to all of the sexual favours represented by the other bands."

The bit that caught my eye was The Mail's helpful guide:

Black: Sex

Blue: Oral sex

Pink: Flash body parts

Purple: Kiss

Orange: Love bite

Yellow: Hug

Gold: All of the above

(Meanings may differ around the country)"
Leaving aside that the colours don't seem to be particularly representative of the acts, I am confused by "Meanings may differ around the country". Surely "Oral sex" means the same in all parts of the Country or am I being over-pedantic?

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