Saturday, 26 September 2009

Double charging?

I hear that the Royal Mail is set to introduce "The Timed Delivery Service" which will ensure that post will be delivered within a 15 minute time-slot six days a week. This will cost businesses, for it is they this is aimed at, £262.50 a month. My advice to businesses would be to arrange to collect your post from the sorting office, I believe they do not charge for this and that there is less chance of post going astray.

Of course I am so old that I remember the days when I could almost set my watch by the the postman's deliveries to my parents' house. Mind you in those days there were two deliveries a day, Saturday and Sunday collections and post rarely went astray. Seems like another world...

Why "double charging"? Well the Royal Mail will now be charging the sender of the post to send it and the receiver to receive it...

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