Saturday, 19 September 2009

Bookended by surprises, is the endgame in sight?

I have the terrible feeling that the Labour government of 1997-2010 will be bookended by two "surprise" economic decisions. The first days of this Labour government were marked by the surprise freeing from political control (yes I know it wasn't really freed) of the Bank of England. Will the dying days of this same Labour government be marked by the surprise joining of the Euro?

BNP Paribas are reported to have predicted that the Pound Sterling's recent collapse on the foreign exchange markets, as traders realise quite how badly screwed the UK economy is, will continue and that Sterling will reach parity with the Euro within about six months.

Around six months to currency parity which would make the job of selling a 1:1 conversion of Sterling to Euros, to a mostly economically illiterate population, that much easier.

Entry into the Euro, the Lisbon Treaty ratified by all member governments (with or without their population's approval) and then who cares if the Conservatives win the General Election, for they will only have the power of a local authority not a national government.

Maybe those people who chant "Gordon is a Moron" misjudge the man, maybe the game is all but won...

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