Saturday, 26 September 2009

"Ministers back PM pre-conference"

The BBC report that "Ministers back PM pre-conference" but the facts are not as impressive as the headline. Which Ministers have the BBC found that are prepared to back Gordon Brown?

"Schools Secretary Ed Balls said the prime minister's "authentic" approach would find favour with voters.

The Energy Secretary Ed Miliband said Mr Brown was "the right leader".

International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander said Mr Brown had "nothing to fear" from a TV debate between the party leaders."

So the only Ministers prepared to back Gordon Brown in public seem to be his closest ally Ed Balls, one of the few ministers who those who know of him detest as much as Gordon Brown and Peter Mandelson, the living piece of slime that is Ed Miliband and Gordon Brown's general election campaign manager Douglas Alexander - impressive?

What is even more impressive is this
"Meanwhile, ex-deputy PM John Prescott has accused Labour MPs of defeatism."
Could it get any worse for Gordon Brown? I think it probably will despite the best endeavours of his supporters of the BBC.

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