Friday, 22 January 2010

Billy Bragg 'pwned'

Billy Bragg's typically self-righteous threat to not pay his taxes in protest against the bonuses being paid out by Royal Bank of Scotland because he felt frustrated and powerless to stop the bonus culture has received a deserved comment on The Daily Mash:
"A spokesman for the Inland Revenue said: "I've actually got a copy of Talking With the Taxman About Poetry. Maybe he should do a new album called Talking With the Taxman About Spending 18 Months in Jail for Being a Marxist Twat."

Meanwhile Bragg demanded that all banks should be run like the Co-operative with its green investment policy, fair trade mortgage refusals and the ethical way it charges you thirty quid whenever you go 1p over your limit."
Still "Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards" Billy whilst your friends have "changed from red to blue"?

For more on Billy Bragg take a read of this earlier post of mine.

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