Thursday, 28 January 2010

When Mike 'Maverick' Molloy says he will vote Conservative then you know Labour are finished

I found a copy of Tuesday's Mail lying around at a client's offices and so had a read, it was Tuesday's and I almost fell off my seat when I read the headline "Mirror man vents spleen at Labour". For the article was about Mike 'Maverick' Molloy, an old acquaintance and former editor of The Daily Mirror and later editor-in-chief of Mirror Group. Mike Molloy has written a piece for Conservative candidate Angie Bray's election material and here are some extracts:
"I was a staunch supporter of the Labour Party, and when they came to power I was confident they would change Britain for the better. ... Well, we all know how wrong I was. The money flowed in, but instead of financing a better way of life for ordinary people, most of it just seeped away into the swamp of stupefying incompetence.


What emerged was a Frankenstein's monster. Having imposed stealth taxes that ruined private pensions, Brown set about destroying any opposition in the Labour Party that dared speak of reforming the welfare state.


When the financial hurricane finally blew down upon us, the sheer scale of his incompetence was revealed. Twelve years of wasting a river of wealth and not a penny saved.


Like some half-witted lottery winner who'd never checked their credit-card bills, Brown has squandered the lot.


(New Labour has) ended in catastrophe ... swamped by social breakdown... Yet there is a plush look about so many of those New Labour Party grandees who have prospered in the face of their appalling record."

When formally loyal Labour supporters such as Mike Molloy desert the political party they have supported and indeed helped to power, then you know that the time is up.

I believe that Mike Molloy gave, a certain, Alastair Campbell his break in journalism by employing him as a political journalist at The Mirror, I wonder if Alastair will now get back in touch. Maybe Mike Molloy should keep his eyes open and his windows firmly locked at his house on Culmington Road, just in case Alastair decides to pay him a visit.

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