Friday, 22 January 2010

The dangerous blindness of the politically correct

James Corum in The Telegraph reports that: "Pentagon report on Fort Hood is a travesty that doesn't even mention Islam "

Here's an extract from James' sadly unsurprising piece on the investigation into the Jihadi attack on Fort Hood :
"For decades, the military fostered “diversity” and “affirmative action” policies that established lower recruitment, promotion, and performance standards for politically favoured ethnic groups. Despite the negative effects on morale and efficiency these policies have had, they could not be criticised by anyone who valued his or her career.

Unfortunately, my prediction that the Obama administration report on Fort Hood would be a whitewash has proven spot-on correct. The Defence Department just released the official report called “Protecting the Force: Lessons from Fort Hood.” The document is worse than nonsense; it is a travesty and an insult to US armed forces.

In an 86-page report dealing with a mass murder that has clearly been linked to radical Islam, the authors failed to mention Islam once! The most fundamental questions about the shootings were studiously ignored. Not only was there no mention of the role Islam and Islamic radical teaching played in the killings, the question of how an officer as incompetent and troubled as Major Nidal Hassan could make it through personnel reviews and even be promoted was never directly asked. If it had been, West and Clark would have had to question the policies they had established – and that would never do.

The report failed to note some of the central facts of the case. For example, the perpetrator, Major Hassan, was never refereed to by name but as “the alleged perpetrator.” The report concentrated its efforts on issues such as base emergency response plans. In a way, this is a good idea because the politically correct policies of the Obama administration will do nothing to prevent future Islamist-inspired attacks and so we’d better have a good casualty response system ready for the next mass killing."
Read it all and realise that our leaders don't really care about the war on terror. In their overview we the public are expendable.

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