Thursday, 28 January 2010

Why worry? It's not as though the Country is broke because of your last boss.

The Mail reports that:
"Treasury officials have been told to ‘shelve problems’ to help keep their stress levels down in the face of Britain’s dire public finances.

A 70-page taxpayer-funded guide to ‘stress awareness and management’ advises officials to put off difficult decisions to another day if they are causing them anxiety.

It includes tips such as ‘learn how to laugh at yourself’ and a six-point lesson in how to ‘relax your thighs’.

And it reassures staff that it is ‘okay’ to switch off, day dream, make errors and even fail, stating: ‘Stress may be avoided if I allow myself to make mistakes… recognising that sometimes I will make mistakes and that is OK to make mistakes.’"
"It's OK to mistake mistakes"; well that's OK for Gordon Brown then.
"put off difficult decisions to another day"; until after the general election maybe?

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