Thursday, 28 January 2010

Is this comment the result of years of BBC and other left-wing brainwashing on Israel?

" Paul Evans wrote:
It is very sad that Israel forgets the other people that died in the Nazi times! I have no problems with Iran getting the atomic bomb, if only defend themselves from Israeli aggression!
Isreal has broken all of the UN Laws related to human rights and it has broken the Geneva Convention related to War Crimes, only because they believe that they are above such Laws do they continue to do so, USA backs them we Europeans including the Germans should not do so!
Ban Israelis from travelling outside of Israel until they follow International Law, Ban Israeli Goods Worldwide as long as they do not follow International Laws!
It is not that I am Anti Jewish but I am Anti Zionist..."

That comment is from the comments at the end of this piece in The Times entitled "Iran has same plan as Hitler, says Auschwitz survivor". Words fail me.

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