Monday, 25 January 2010

Poll Tracker (update)

Last week it took the BBC's Poll Tracker until Thursday to reflect the weekend's Com Res opinion poll. This week Poll Tracker has been updated on Monday. I wonder if the fact that last week's poll was relatively positive for the Conservatives and this week is more positive for Labour had any bearing on the speed of updating? Surely not, but if future weeks show such a pattern I will report back.


opsimath said...

Are you really trying to get us to believe that Auntie would act in such an unfair manner?

I think you're jesting, sir!

Llew said...

I see the latest ComRes poll (Sat/Sun 13th/14th Feb) hasn't yet made it to the BBC's poll tracker page again.

They must again be suffering these strange "technical difficulties" which always happen when the polls shows the gap widening. It's currently "stuck" on the Populus Poll of 8th Feb.

They're pathetic. They really are.