Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The recession is over, I SAID THE RECESSION IS OVER, why do people not all agree?

The tone of 5Live's breakfast show is really amusing me this morning. I have been dipping in so it is possible (but very unlikely) that I have just been unlucky with the bits I have heard. A lovely bit just now as Shelagh Fogarty said that they had asked if people thought the recession was over (figures are supposed to prove this later this morning) but most responses had been that it wasn't; you could almost hear the pleading in her voice... Come on people don't you realise that happy days are here again and that recovery from recession means Labour could win the general election.

And after 9am the Nicky Campbell phone-in is "Is your recession over?"

"Figures due out later today are expected to confirm that the UK is out of recession.

What is your experience? Are you still struggling to find work or are things looking up?

From 9am, Nicky wants to hear how the economy is affecting you and your family."

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