Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Denying the Conservative Party the 'oxygen of publicity'

BBC 5Live has been promoting the 'recession is over' and Conservative cuts would 'put the recovery at risk' all morning so when I heard that Gabby Logan was going to discuss this with MPs I was expecting her and the Labour and Lib Dem representatives to gang up on the Conservative MP. The reality was even more bizarre: Laim Byrne for Labour and Vince 'Saint' Cable able to pour scorn on Conservative economic policy, encouraged by Gaby Logan, and no Conservative there to respond.

When I blogged about the new 5Live schedules for this general election year, I predicted left-wing bias, it seems I was correct to do so.


manwiddicombe said...

The Daily Politics on BBC2 at lunch had the same Cable/Byrne combo.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday I met the first man in 6 months, the Indian owner of my nearest liquor store, who firmly believes Brown is doing a good job for Britain and will vote for him.
I had to take to my bed at the thought that there are thousands of other fools out there.
Just heard Dumbleby admit he is biased and set up the BNP on Question Time. His closing comment "what can you expect" rings very true.