Saturday, 23 January 2010

The never ending war on the motorist

I have received some flack for declaring that this Labour government have instigated a 'war' on motorists. However the news reported today that a group of government agencies including the Kent Police have commissioned the arms manufacturer BAE systems to adapt military-style planes for civilian use. These unmanned flying drones, similar to those used in Afghanistan, are to be used in Britain to spy on drivers as well as campaigners, agricultural thieves and fly-tippers.

Yes the greatest crime in Labour Britain is to exceed the speed limit by 1mph. I wonder if an upgrade will be to arm these drones so that if a driver is driving more that 10mph over the limit then a rocket is fired and no more 'criminal'. Of course that will never happen as its the fines that the Labour government and the Police want.

If the public were asked would they prefer more police on the beat catching burglars and muggers or spies in the sky? But nobody will ask us as the police need their toys and the government need the income and the control.

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