Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Tuesday morning catchup

Too mnay interesting things to blog about and not enough time this morning, so here's a few in summary form.

1. Prodicus asks "Why the reserve at PMQs? Why no flame-throwers in the campaign to date?" and then writes a piece that summarises so much of what I have been thinking for some time now that I wish I had written it. It's all there from the frustration at David Cameron being 'nice', the bad feelings towards Teresa May for
' That ghastly woman has done more substantive damage to the Conservative Party with her mal mot than almost any other single speech including 'unemployment is a price worth paying' and 'back to basics'. The dread connotation has shaped Cameron's personal and party campaigning from the word go. It colours every - EVERY - Conservative Party policy idea even before it's mooted, hamstringing the party philosophically, politically and practically whenever the Tories should be rallying the country with an appeal to sanity and a call to realism and the prospect of responsible capitalist prosperity for all.


Teresa May removed the lead put into in the Tory pencil by Margaret Thatcher. She is the living incarnation of anti-Thatcher Conservatism and I loathe her for it. "
and a wish that:
"Once the election trumpet sounds, I trust the Cameron-Coulson-Hilton grid includes a snarling and biting break for the dogs.

Surely they know that Nice is knifed by Nasty on a daily basis in Brown's Britain? FFS, Gordon Brown is living proof that Nasty can gain power and will do anything to keep it. Don''t be too nice too long, Dave, or you may not outlive a kamikaze enemy.

I'll wait. For now.

But the electorate is angry, Mr Cameron. Fucking furious, since you ask.

We want revenge on Labour. We want some blood, even if it makes you wince a bit. OK, not the all out slaughter of which we have been dreaming. The odd gnash will suffice. Then you can go back to playing nice."

2. Donal Blaney reports the latest piece of US Democrat brainwashing and Obamamessiah news; that:
"In an effort to brainwash kids, Random House have published Barack Obama - Out Of Many, One, a book targeted at 5-7 year olds and that I have been sent by a concerned parent. It makes for very disturbing reading. Needless to say George W Bush didn't merit such a book to be written about him.


Out Of Many, One is a piece of propaganda that Goebbels would have been proud to have produced.

Out Of Many, One omits reference to One Term Barry's education at a madrassa in Indonesia, his work with the corrupt community group, Acorn, his underhanded campaigning in the City of Sleaze (aka Chicago) or his consorting with domestic terrorists such as Bill Ayers and hate-filled preachers and race-mongers such as Jeremiah Wright or Al Sharpton. Instead kids are force-fed a diet of one-sided pap that would make Stalin blush. The only surprise in Out Of Many, One is that his white grandmother actually gets a mention. "
I do wonder if the US Democrats really want to encoiurage this 'cult of personality', have they no knowledge of history and how such left wing cults end up - Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot etc. etc.

3. Tory Bear wonders how low the Gordian will go and concludes that:
"Gordon is deliberatly trying to score party political points by stirring up trouble. Now TB knows that sectarian politics is relished in the inner workings of the Scottish Labour Party, but when you are representing the United Kingdom as its leader, you do not stir up a delicate balance of power with references to an English enemy to score cheap shots at your rival. And frankly the piece is a shoddy copy and paste of a one sourced smear."
I am shocked...

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely spot on about Therese May. She handed the enemies of the Conservative Party a loaded gun and an inexhaustible supply of ammunition with one silly remark. She should have been banished to cake making duties for the rest of her political life.