Friday, 21 January 2011

Andy Coulson's resignation

News that Andy Coulson has resigned stating that coverage of the phone-hacking story had "made it difficult for me to give the 110% needed in this role" has left me nonplussed. One cannot give more than 100% to anything, by definition 100% is everything. I expect this sort of basic logical error from a footballer but not from a Conservative Prime Minister's Press Secretary, whatever would they say at Eton?

Andy Couldosn's resignation has also lead me to a nice piece of satire at The Poke who inform us that:
'At a highly-charged press conference in London today, David Cameron confirmed that Andy Coulson has resigned in order to concentrate more fully on his joint venture with Apple, the Spi-pad, which allows users to effortlessly share text, music, streaming video and private conversations directly with Mr. Coulson himself.'
My love of grammar also responded well to this line:
'“This is the next level of 4G interactivity,” Jobs proclaimed to an ecstatic audience of tech experts and Stephen Fry in his final speech before taking time off due to ill-health. “Never again will you have an excuse not to tell Andy exactly what you’re doing, where, and to who.”

“It’s ‘to whom’.” Fry was heard muttering at the back of the conference.'

Of course the BBC are conflicted today; part of them wants to concentrate on proving that Tony Blair lead the UK into an 'illegal war' but another part wants to obsess over Andy Coulson's guilt. Maybe like Channel 4 they will have to extend their early evening news bulletins... Something tells me that the BBC will ocncentrate on both of these news stories rather than the Alan Johnson story or why Ed Balls was Ed Miliband's second choice as Shadow Chancellor.

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