Monday, 31 January 2011

Was NUS President Aaron Porter the victim of anti-Semitic abuse?

I blogged the accusations that he had been and read in many places the leftist denials that he had. So I was interested to read at Harry's Place that Aaron Porter himself says that he was in a piece in The Times:
'However, before I was able to speak to the rally of thousands, a small group of people started to chant abuse to try to intimidate me, and there were audible anti-Semitic comments. Racism is something that student activists have been fighting to eliminate for decades and this was a sobering reminder that there is still work to do.
I wouldn’t associate the racist comments with everyone in this breakaway group, who are largely drawn from hard Left factions and who disagree with the tactics and some of the policies of the NUS. For them it is not enough for the NUS to mobilise 50,000 students and lecturers to protest against the rise in tuition fees; instead they say we should be standing alongside those who kick in windows and burn effigies of Nick Clegg.
Those tactics are wrong and do not work. I represent the vast majority of students who believe that peaceful protest should be one part of a campaign.'
I await the leftists' apologies; albeit probably in vain.

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Yonmei said...

Why should anyone apologise for a mondegreen?