Friday, 28 January 2011

Are the insurrections in Tunisia, Egypt and beyond being organised?

The hand of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt seems likely but A Tangled Web sees more:
'Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan. Egypt are all in varying states of organized rebellion.

It is organized rebellion not a spontaneous cry for freedom of oppression that some are trying to sell the rest of the world. It is organized and the timing is being directed from Persia. The Mad Mullahs now have complete control of three states Iran, Syria, and as of this week Lebanon.

As the Hizbooha took complete control of Lebanon, The Muzi Brotherhood and Mohamed ElBaradei’s party lit Egypt on fire. It’s so reassuring that the man that for a decade told us that the Persians were not building a bomb has undeniably revealed himself as being in complicit harmony with them.

Egypt has shut down all internal communication networks and arrested as many of the Muzi Brotherhood leaders it can find. Depending on how harsh Mubarak’s reaction is will determine whether or not Egypt stands as an independent, or becomes the fourth vassal Persian State.'
It is possible that this theory holds water and if it does the future for peace and stability in the Middle East looks shakier than ever. The one place you will definitely not get any analysis of this story is of course on the BBC.

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