Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Some more of Peter Sissons's comments about the BBC that I think bear repetition

The Mail's article based on Peter Sissons's memoirs had some interesting lines that I spotted:
1) Following a Health & Safety explanation about the dangers of water glasses:
'Proper water glasses would be available only for discussion ­programmes, when it might be aesthetically pleasing to have them in shot. The floor manager would receive a special payment for handling them.'

2) '... when the culture of political correctness began to influence what appeared on the screen. Soon after I started on News 24 in 2003, the aircraft carrier Ark Royal returned from the Gulf to a traditional welcome from families and friends at Portsmouth. TV reporters closed in to interview crew members, the vast majority of whom were men.

Of the five vox-pops that featured in the BBC News, four were with women sailors. During my stint of presenting that day I complained about this and asked if we could have some more ­balanced interviews, but in vain.'

The BBC brainwashing its staff as well as its viewers and listeners.

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