Saturday, 29 January 2011

How do the BBC decide when to start telling their viewers, listeners & readers the truth?

The BBC's reporting on the unrest in Egypt has brought something interesting to light. Part of the the way through the unrest the BBC decided that they should explain why the unrest was happening and suddenly the BBC were reporting that Egypt was ruled by a despot who headed an unpopular authoritarian regime. What is odd is how the BBC seemed to keep this sort of information very quiet over the years, preferring to point out the horrors that were happening next door in Israel.

It is odd how the BBC can implicitly support a regime by broadcasting next to nothing about its failings only to switch when a revolt starts. However the explanation is clear: the BBC will support, pretty uncritically, any country, organisation or movement that opposes Israel right up until that country, organisation or movement looks like it might be about to be replaced by one likely to be even more opposed to Israel. The BBC's anti-Israel obsession is pernicious and clouds its world view to such an extent that all of its foreign news coverage is suspect.

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