Thursday, 27 January 2011

Ed Miliband made a schoolboy error - Official

'Ed Miliband made a schoolboy error in stating that the cuts had choked off growth when they haven’t even started in earnest yet.
In fact, it’s difficult to pin it on the current administration because the shrinking economy may well be a hangover from the previous government’s stimulus package.
Mr Miliband would have been on firmer ground if he’d argued that the GDP figures show the economy may be too weak to withstand the impending cuts. We’ll know if the cuts are too much, too fast in a few months’ time.'
Channel 4's Fact Checker  has done some checking of Ed Milibnad's claims at yesterday's PMQs and lo and behold 'Ed Miliband made a schoolboy error'; is anyone surprised that Ed 'Son of Brown' Miliband advised by Ed 'second Choice' Balls would make a 'schoolboy error'?

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