Monday, 24 January 2011


Remember amid all these stories of 'phone-hacking' that the technique used was simply to dial the target's mobile-phone number, use the network approved method of diverting to Voicemail and then try the default access code of 0000 or 1234 to see if they had been changed and if not, to access their Voicemail. This was not rocket science, this was not clever hacking at all and so two thoughts come to mind: first what kind of idiot does not change their Voicemail password on Day 1 and second in view of Gordon Brown's suddenly convenient claims that he was worried that he had been targeted when Chancellor of the Exchequer, why would the Chancellor of the Exchequer have been having what should have been confidential discussions over an insecure mobile telephone line? Surely HMG provide rather more secure methods of communication to senior cabinet Ministers, why was Gordon Brown not using them? Should journalists from the BBC and other left-wing news agencies not be asking these questions rather than simply reporting Gordon Brown's opportunistically timed claims without query.

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