Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The BBC have published a review?!

Biased BBC report that:
'The BBC has commissioned a report on the BBC’s coverage of the ‘Arab Spring’…its conclusions….
'The BBC’s coverage of the Arab Spring was generally impartial but could have benefited from greater breadth and context, according to the BBC Trust.

It said the BBC should have done more to authenticate user-generated content (UGC), such as mobile phone footage taken by activists or bystanders.

The Trust praised “the considerable courage of journalists and technicians on the ground to bring stories to air”.

Its report described the BBC’s overall coverage as “remarkable”.'

The BBC said it was pleased to see the report’s broad support for its coverage as a whole and the overall recognition of much “outstanding” and “remarkable” journalism.'
That's odd, why have the BBC released a report on their coverage of the Arab Spring, a report that says the BBC's coverage is 'generally impartial' but have not released the Balen report into the BBC's impartiality in reporting on Israel? If the Balen report cannot be released because it is an internal report aimed at checking its own standards of journalism, the report being held for the purposes of journalism, why can this new report be released? Am I too suspicious when I think it may because one clears the BBC and the other does not?

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