Thursday, 14 June 2012

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear

This delightful couple of self-professed jihadis call the EDL's Tommy Robinson a "paedophile" - surely this is actionable, declare Israel a terrorist state - completely untrue, state that Israel want to wipe out the Palestinians - also untrue although Hamas do regularly call for the destruction of Israel and the death of Jews.

However, quite the most bizarre claim is that Tommy Robinson has supported the "Israelification of Britain by allowing Zionist fascists to hijack the foreign policy of our country" and that "our boys are fighting wars for Israel". The UK is increasingly anti-Israel and the Foreign Office is as Arabist as ever.

It was also odd to hear the claim that Tommy Robinson's master was sitting "in Tel Aviv". Someone should inform these two self-professed jihadis that if Tommy Robinson were controlled by the Israeli government (something that I sincerely doubt is the case) then his 'master' would be sitting in Jerusalem because that is where the Israeli parliament, government and supreme court have been sited since 1949. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, surely the two self-confessed jihadis should surely know that.

The two self-confessed jihadis make another claim that I really hope is not true:
"There is no such thing as militant Islam, it's only Islam. And our religion is perfect... There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim, there is also no such thing as an extremist Muslims, we are just Muslims. And as Muslims we embrace every part of our religion and our religion will never change."
I do find it scary and depressing that people can believe such rubbish and that other people pay them any heed.

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Quiet_Man said...

The EDL's position on Israel has always been consistent. We support Israel's struggle against the world jihad whilst not agreeing necessarily with everything Israel does. Same with any foreign government who acts against Jihadi's.
We welcome anyone from any faith, any culture, any race willing to make a stand against Islamic extremism.

QM EDL admin, EDL forum.