Sunday, 3 June 2012

An option for the Royal Navy?

Euro Weekly News reports that:
'SPAIN’S Navy is considering mothballing the Principe de Asturias aircraft carrier as well as six Santa Maria-class frigates.

The ships would remain on “restricted duties” awaiting a return to operational duties, Navy sources said.

This could be the first step towards decommissioning the ships, experts believe. The medium term economic situation was unlikely to improve and ships deteriorate quickly when not in constant use, they pointed out.

The vessels’ age also meant that they would require such substantial refits before returning to active service that this might not be cost-effective.

By 2018 the Principe de Asturias will be 30 years old - the usual extent of a warship’s life cycle.

Nine years ago it was due for a complete refit which was never carried out, owing to the €400 million this would have cost.'
Now the Principe de Asturias is analogous in many respects to the British Invincible class. So how about the Royal Navy buying the Spanish ship, refitting it and having a carrier capable of launching Harrier s?

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