Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Breeding Palestinian terrorists (update for reenie)

My recent piece about how Palestinian children are being brought up to hate and kill Jews seems to have upset someone called reenie. Here's two comments that they posted:
'reenie said...

what a load of crap

18 June 2012 12:06'
Not a very informative or well thought out comment but then what should I expect?

Seven minutes later reenie was back:

occupiers teach their children to use guns

I know you won't show this because you are a sheep

18 June 2012 12:13'
Wrong reenie I did post your comment because I am not a sheep but also because I like to show people up for what they are.

The photos you pointed me at showed Israeli children being shown guns at a military base during an open day, nothing more sinister than that. Do compare that with the Palestinian Summer Camps run by Hamas.

Unfortunately Israel is a militarised society. The reason for this is obvious, Israel is surrounded by countries and groups that want to see it destroyed and its Jewish inhabitants killed. Even on that site you pointed me at I found this delightful comment 'Isreal is the biggest curse on planet earth.'. You don't have to look far to find examples of Palestinian children being taught to hate Jews, of Muslim preachers preaching death to all Jews, of Islamists celebrating the death of Jews.

I used to think that people like you could be persuaded and convinced of the truth about Israel. Increasingly I now feel that your type are beyond help or redemption, I find that deeply depressing.

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