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Fwd: Senior Sheikh At Jihadist Rally in Jordan: We Need Men To Carry Out The Plan Of Instating Allah's Rule On Earth

Special Dispatch |4771 |June 4, 2012
Senior Sheikh At Jihadist Rally in Jordan: We Need Men To Carry Out The Plan Of Instating Allah's Rule On Earth

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A 90-minute video posted on YouTube[1] documents a jihadist rally in Jordan, dedicated to the cause of freeing mujahideen incarcerated in Jordanian prisons, chief among them being Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi. The most prominent speaker at the conference, jihadist sheikh Abu Muhammad Al-Tahawi, called on those present to support the imprisoned mujahideen, and described the Jordanian regime as heretical, corrupt and oppressive. He urged Arabs and Muslim regimes to take a lesson from the collapse of regimes in the region, and advised them to stop relying on NATO, return to Islam, and reconcile with their peoples – otherwise their future would be in jeopardy. Finally, he called upon the rally participants not to be afraid of these regimes, and to join the efforts to establish an Islamic caliphate and to instate Allah's law throughout the world.

The following are the main points of his speech.

Al-Tahawi opens his address by describing a letter he received from Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi, which spoke of the anguish and torture suffered by the mujahideen in prison and of the discrimination they suffer compared to the other prisoners, and called on everyone to support them.

Al-Tahawi states that the mujahideen are in prison for raising the banner of "there is no god but Allah," and for carrying out the "great task" of defending the blood and the land of the Muslims – whereas the regime that imprisoned them is a "jahili and horribly corrupt regime... whose key officials have sold out the state and its citizens. With one hand they kill and with the other they rob the poor of their livelihood." The sheikh declares that the Arab regimes are even worse than the Western ones, because the latter regimes, though heretical, are at least uncorrupt, while the Arab regimes are both heretical and corrupt, in addition to oppressing and starving their peoples.

The sheikh criticizes the Arab and Muslim regimes for counting on NATO, saying that they are misreading the map, because NATO has been defeated in Afghanistan and is trying to withdraw from this country with a minimum of casualties. He calls on the Arab leaders to learn from what happened to Ben Ali, Qadhafi and Mubarak, and to reconcile first with Allah and then with their peoples – otherwise they too "will be within the range of danger and death."

Finally, he says: "Oh brethren, do not fear these [Arab and Muslim] regimes. Allah is with us... When four regimes collapse, one after the other, it cannot be anything but Allah's will... We must rip fear from our hearts... If you are believers, you should fear Allah more... than these regimes, which were pitched overnight into the trash heaps of history... We have a plan, but it requires men. We must aspire to restore the caliphate that was taken away from us in 1924. The second most important commandment [in Islam] – after believing in Allah – is to establish the Islamic caliphate, because the loss of the caliphate led to the loss of faith and of the state, and Muslim blood became cheap... [Establishing the caliphate] is no easy task, but Allah protects the believers... [Note that] jihad used to be confined to Afghanistan, but now it is [being fought] in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, North Africa, and, with Allah's help, also in Palestine... But we need men who uphold their commitment to Allah... With Allah's help, you will be the ones [to realize] the future plan of instating Allah's law on earth, with the help of our brethren all over the world."


[1] The video was also posted on the jihadist forum Shumoukh Al-Islam on June 3, 2012.


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