Sunday, 20 July 2008

Barack Obama - Another misspeak that will not get much coverage

Following in a line of postings about Barack Obama's mistakes that seem not to interest the BBC or most media outlets - 57 States, Barack Obama's oratorial skills, the 1993 WTC attempted bombing, Jerusalem undivided, Afro-American or Arab-American and on and on and on; here is another. Apparently Barack Obama said the followng during a recent interview:
"Throughout our history, America's confronted constantly evolving danger, from the oppression of an empire, to the lawlessness of the frontier, from the bomb that fell on Pearl Harbor, to the threat of nuclear annihilation. Americans have adapted to the threats posed by an ever-changing world."
"The bomb" that fell on Pearl Harbor? Does he know anything about the history of the "57 states" of America? Where does he claim to have been raised? Hawaii?

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Mac the Knife said...

'from the oppression of an empire'

Does he mean us? Crass little fuckwit isn't he?