Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Men are bad, women are good

I've read the reports of Harriet Harman's proposals, I've listened to the justifications and I have read the articles by Julie Bindel that praise Harriet Harman's proposals. If I am right then it appears that the "provocation defence" will be removed from men whilst a woman who cold-bloodedly and pre-premeditatedly kills her "abusive" partner would not be charged with murder.

If you want some background to this story, can I suggest you read Julie Bindel's Guardian "Comment is Free" article entitled "Why I hate men" and also Erin Pizzey's article in The Mail.

This proposal leaves me feeling rather uneasy about what further legislation may follow. I suppose that if Harriet Harman succeeds Gordon Brown as Prime Minister then we men will just have to suffer under the feminist boot. Harriet Harman joked that if she became Prime Minister the airports wouldn't be able to cope with the numbers of men fleeing the Country, she may not be too far from the truth...

Thanks to "Young Mr Grace" on Guido's blog I have found the images I wanted. One of the Two Ronnies' serials was "The worm that turned" about a UK now run by women with men doing all the subservient work. The women were always in tight leather uniforms with very short shorts, ah the memories...

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