Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The in-fighting continues

This could be the spectator sport of the summer; watching the Labour party fighting like ferrets in a sack. Following this and this I now learn that Gordon Brown's team are fighting back, The Standard are reporting that
"Gordon Brown's allies today hit back with savage anger at David Miliband after he unveiled his vision to rescue the Labour Party.

They accused the Foreign Secretary of being "disloyal" and "self-serving" and of lacking "judgment and maturity"."


One of them said: "I think MPs will be appalled. David Miliband has shown himself to be not only disloyal but also self-serving.

"People at least thought he was a serious figure and a grown-up politician but by allowing his head to be turned by this leadership nonsense, he has revealed a surprising lack of judgment and maturity."

In further news, 600 Labour councillors, activists and union members are said to have signed a letter backing a potential "stalking horse" to force out Mr Brown.

Having a nice break in Southwold Mr Brown? Keen to come back to Downing Street are we? Southwold's not far from London so why not nip back and see if your Downing Street pass is still valid.

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