Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Recant time

David Miliband has had to recant
"Can Gordon lead us into the next election and win? Yes. I'm absolutely confident about that"
David Miliband has had to name Gordon Brown in his press conference reference to his article in Comment Is Free.

I imagine that the phone lines from Suffolk to London must have been red-hot today and the Milipede has backed down because like all of the "challengers" he is a coward. Milipede chickened out of challenging Gordon Brown last year and unless Gordon Brown goes gracefully, he will checken out again; I don't think Milipede has the balls to fight Gordon Brown.

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Fidothedog said...

Milicunt(my name for him) lacked a big enough set to put TB reactor Shambo the sacred bullock down - as per EU laws with regards tb infected lifestock & as per his own department at the times rules -

Instead he washed his hands of it and passed to the Welsh Assembly who then followed Defra rules and destroyed Shambo.

He also washed his hands of Gillian Gibbons in the Sudan, she was arrested over the bear called Mohammed.